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When a vampire is called 'ghost' - And She Said...
April 15th, 2015
04:41 pm


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When a vampire is called 'ghost'
And he behaves like one, literally.

From the popular Joseon-era manhwa, 밤올 걷는 성비 (Scholar Who Walks the Night), this is '귀', otherwise affectionately known as Gweeeeee.
He is the other vampire character that I absolutely love, besides Lestat, lol. And, once upon a time, Damon Salvatore.
Lee Soo Hyuk posted this image on his instagram, so his purpose was really questionable. Did he or did he not take the role?
At this point in time, I prefer to think he did. Come on, HE IS PERFECT FOR IT.
My beloved can finally go on full diabolically mad vampy mode.

A word of caution, this character has a habit of serendipitously dis-robing himself. Ahem.


[EDIT 11 May 2015] Press release confirmed he's in for the role. Sorry for the late update. But any proud fan who follows his social media would have known this. :) Thank dramagods. Let the half-robed vampy attacks begin.

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