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House renovation: Paints pain - And She Said...
October 7th, 2014
03:40 pm


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House renovation: Paints pain

It took quite a while (okay, a long while) to decide on the colors of walls in the house, as I'm rather picky about colors, and limited by my self-imposed theme of red, black and white (yes, just like my livejournal).


Simple you'd say? Well, first of all, you don't really paint the walls plain white. There is a specific white for ceilings only and that look plastery. There are in fact many shades of white in one series, and you'd get a headache when you see them: white with varying degrees of tints of green, yellow, purple, grey, pink etc. Why can't they just give me pure white. But then again, it feels silly to just go all white on all the walls, you'll feel like you're iving in a clinic or hospital of some sort.

Secondly, one doesn't normally paint the walls in black. Because that's just sick and crazy to do that to a house which you are gonna live in. We did think of painting some block walls red. But there are so many variants of red, we couldn't decide on one, and also felt that shifting from a white wall to a bloody red one is too wicked for the faint hearted. Plus, we weren't sure of the shade of red of our kitchen cabinets (yes, we totally forgot to record them down, don't tell this to my ID at this point!)... and didn't want the walls to differ too much from the chosen red. So, no red walls! T.T

And hence, we ended up having the ceiling in Orchid White (8104) rather then just pure white. It actually gives a pink-greyish tone in the shade, and look a little pinkish-white in the sunlight.

I actually had a slight shock when I first entered the house with all glass windows closed. I thought we gave the wrong paint number and had the whole house in green tints. It was supposed to be the most neutral white shade of all--Sail White (3157), and I totally didn't realised the slightly greenish undertone it gives off when in shade. Should have chosen 1199 instead, although it gives off a little grey tint! Under sunlight however, it looks brightly white, like JUST WHITE. Weird isn't it? This is the glossy effect of this series of Nippon paint which helps cover hairline cracks and also lasts longer. Oh well, better than a yellowish or pinkish tint I guess. So don't be fooled by the sample squares you see in the catalogues. Look at them under natural light and in the shade and then picture them painted in larger areas over and over again. In addition, remember that paint names (especially the white shades: Lilac, Orchid, Sail, Rose etc) may appear in different series but they can look rather dissimilar (one usually more vibrant then another), so don't get mixed up, always record down their paint codes then names.

As for the guest room, I try to keep it fun and lively without gender specific, so lavender it is (Excitement 8152). And we love it!

Now... I kinda regret not painting red for the block walls, but I can always have them done up in the future. :p



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