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Song Jae Rim - And She Said...
October 15th, 2014
05:08 pm


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Song Jae Rim

Continuing from a previous post where I lament about the young men of Korea all grown up, but wait... what do you mean I'm still older than them?!

I really really love the Song Jae Rim smile.

Introducing 송재림 (Song Jae Rim), another model-turned-actor. To me he is just 鲜肉, a Chinese term for up and rising celebrity, or in simpler term 'fresh meat', with a nice ring to his name. I've never really noticed him, other than the acclaimed 해를 품은 달 (The Moon That Embraces The Sun) where he was the loyal silent (and beautiful) bodyguard of King Kim Soo Hyun. Not that I missed his long fluffy hair and sunken face, no not at all. The recently-ended wacky 잉여공주 (Surplus Princess / The Idle Mermaid) was on my rader as I always have a fascination for dramas that incorporate fairy tales, even if they are twisted to way beyond recognition. Initially I was only looking out for Jo Boa, so Jae Rim being in it was a bonus. But boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise.

Yes, I'm talking about that apple butt. And he's undoubtedly not shy in flaunting it. We've heard of Shinhwa Eric's perky butt, JYJ Junsu's duck butt. Now there's Song Jae Rim's apple butt. And I've never typed the word 'butt' so many times in a sitting. He (or the body double--but I refuse to believe this possibility!) even wore a red undies to re-enforce our resident mermaid's fetish.
Lol and behold.
No, I'm not trying to objectify him.


As I have never seen him in other dramas, his unashamed performance in acting out embarrassing scenes got my attention and amused me to no end. The same goes for our lovely Jo Boa! That's what I adore about wacky drama shows, especially one that goes on full-mode meta for pop culture and lots of pervy thoughts. Watch our mermaid lurch at every chance to land her grabby hands on that butt! Although, TvN did piss me off by cutting 4 episodes away, forcing a rather adrupt end to this promising show. Btw, I still chuckle at the thought that the character who did a fine parody of GD's 삐딱하게 MV was conveniently named Ji Yong. LOL.


Anyway, mermaid aside, Jae Rim looks rather cool in noir drama 감격시대 (Inspiring Generation / Age of Feeling) as the never-aging fierce fighter Mo Il Hwa. *shrugs* I really know nothing about that show except his asymmetrical haircut ignited a series of giggles from yours truly. Seriously. This hairstyle. In that era?
Meanwhile I'm trying to find his horror film 터널 3D (Tunnel 3D) because I love slasher movies, lol.

Our pale Mo Il Hwa comtemplating life as it is...

Song Jae Rim is currently undergoing an on-screen marriage with the endearing Kim So Eun from 라이어 게임 (Liar Game) in 우리 결혼했어요 (We Got Married). Yay to more Song Jae Rim! You can more or less see his close-to-real personality as the dorky, cheesy, cliche, kinda weird but attractive tough guy. Plus he plays the guitar, saxophone, rides a bike, has TWO cats and adores casual striped cotton pants. Who has a love for bidets and enjoys talking about his defecating experiences, resulting in a exasperated but gamed So Eun. And he keeps a freaking account record! A formidable 'opponent' indeed. I could almost see a point in future where both of them try feebly to out-seduce each other, haha. And I refuse to believe all these are totally scripted.
Check it out for yourself.


Purposeful intense sexy stare at So Eun while playing the guitar to throw her off haha


Noting on his fast rising fandom, I would quickly cast Song Jae Rim in a lead role (*cough* that vampire drama *cough*) with a great story to boot in order to cash in on his popularity. Hear that producers?


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