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Tiny Times (movie version) 小時代 刺金時代 - And She Said...
September 22nd, 2014
05:01 pm


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Tiny Times (movie version) 小時代 刺金時代

A.K.A that film with a large number of beautiful guys, and gals.

So I'm done with the novels, and only managed to see the 3rd film recently. According to the director, the finale film coming up next will be different from the devastating ending in the novels... and I really wonder how he is going to drop another bomb. What could be worse than death itself, right?
Before you accuse me of spoiling you, this death thing was actually foretold in the closing of the 3rd film, narrated by the protagonist, Lin Xiao and she wasn't just being unusally gloomy. Also, if you haven't noticed, there have been posters of our 4 gals with teary eyes in close-up headshots since promotions began for the recent film, so you know things are definitely not heading towards a cherry direction.

Together during better times...

However, my purpose of this post is not to marvel at the opulent lifestyle of the fictional characters nor to discuss how dumb (yet at times chuckle-worthy) the plot of the movies are (in fact I've already done so in a previous post), as compared to the better worded novels (although it was indeed occasionally frustrating to read them because of the jumping timelines that can be so confusing). I'm here to fangirl over this cute lad:

This is Cheney 陈学冬 or 陳學冬, previously trained under Cube Entertainment which houses kpop artistes such as 4minute and B2st, and rumored lover of Author-Director Guo. He plays the cute as a button, talented idol-writer in the films, Zhou Chong Guang.
Can I just say, he is beyond perfect as the cheeky character, just like how Orlando Bloom is fitting to a skin as Legolas in the LOTR series and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Not surprising to find out that he has been under the knives, for let's just face it, what are the odds of having a flawless Chinese-speaking actor with such pretty Eurasian-like features in a made-in-China movie? Not that I'm forgetting the other hawt guys in the films: Lee Hyun Jae, Rhydian Vaughan, 'Ming' Ren Yankai and Jiang Chao. Sorry Vivian! Sorry Kai!

Cheney stood out for me largely due to the likeable role he was given. In the lastest installment, he goes golden blonde to achieve the illusion that the character underwent an intensive plastic surgery. Lol. They've probably also added fillers to his cheeks or something, and reduced his eyebags to remove that innocent look.

From this

to this

Okay, not bad, but Cheney should remain a brunnette.
And he sings. Okay not wonderfully, but acceptable.
He will be up next in the comedy film 《坏姐姐之拆婚联盟》 with his previous co-star for Tiny Times the drama, Ivy Chen. Here's to seeing more of Cheney!

Swoon. The perfect brothers.



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