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House renovation: Aaaaand you're out! - And She Said...
July 30th, 2014
01:16 pm


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House renovation: Aaaaand you're out!
I'm not a picky person in general. But if we ain't on the same wavelength, I'll have doubts about leaving my house in your hands, that simple enough? Yes, I'm talking about interior designers (IDs) or contractors.

If you made me wait for more than half an hour in the new house with no electricity, I'll be frustrated.
If you made me wait for more than half an hour, and you communicate by mumbling through your words, 아웃이야
If you can't improve on my somewhat purposefully lame idea, 아웃이야
If I am not convinced with your ideas at all, 아웃이야
If you can't give me sound & precise advice, 아웃이야
If you can't send in your quotes within 5 days, 아웃이야
If you keep bugging me on my phone (with regards to choosing you), 아웃이야
If you started to sound like you're begging me for the job, 아웃이야
If you don't know I'll be comparing you with other IDs, and quote me such high prices like I'm a carrot on a chop board, 아웃이야
If you take a full day to reply to my (simple) sms, 아웃이야

Come to think of it, I'm rather mean, ain't I? XD



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